An Update

Some folk have complained about the lack of updating going on here. SORRY.

Here are some things.

1. Morgan is diseased after all. She has inflammatory bowel syndrome. We learned this thanks to a $500 ultrasound. Now she is on a prescription diet and a giant course of anti-inflammatory meds. She has stopped barfing all the time, but now has diarrhea all the time. Next round of fun vet stuff will be endoscopy to biopsy her intestines and find out how bad the inflammation is. Then she will be on steroids for who knows how long.

2. I am trying to knit a stuffed zebra. So far I have made the front and back, and not messed up too badly. Stitching the panels together was easier than I thought it would be. Stay tuned for updates on the legs, head, and tail. If all goes well, and it doesn’t turn out looking like frankenzebra, this will be a gift for baby Elliott.

3. Work sucks.

4. The rain keeps happening, which makes the grass keep growing. I expect to have sexy arm muscles in time for Jeff’s wedding from all the mowing.

5. I am not very good at spider solitaire.


05/16/2011. random. Leave a comment.

This Floss is Superior to All Other Floss


Superior Floss

Dear Icy Mint Cleanpaste Floss,

The word “paste” really turns me off, so I had doubts straight away. But I had quinoa for dinner, so there wasn’t any way around it – flossing was a must.

You look pretty weird at first. Blue, and green, and kind of gunky. You are also fat. I imagined that my experience with you would be like forcing a piece of toothpaste-covered twine between my teeth.

But I was wrong! So wrong to have doubted, to have been grossed out. You are amazing, created by angel dentists to clean my teeth and taste like both mint and cinnamon. How is that possible?

03/23/2011. random. 1 comment.