This Floss is Superior to All Other Floss


Superior Floss

Dear Icy Mint Cleanpaste Floss,

The word “paste” really turns me off, so I had doubts straight away. But I had quinoa for dinner, so there wasn’t any way around it – flossing was a must.

You look pretty weird at first. Blue, and green, and kind of gunky. You are also fat. I imagined that my experience with you would be like forcing a piece of toothpaste-covered twine between my teeth.

But I was wrong! So wrong to have doubted, to have been grossed out. You are amazing, created by angel dentists to clean my teeth and taste like both mint and cinnamon. How is that possible?


03/23/2011. random.

One Comment

  1. Jan replied:

    That’s a product I never thought I would try; maybe I will now–with your recommendation!

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