Morgan is not Diseased


What Morgan will be eating for several weeks

Morgan started barfing around 4am and kept at through the morning, so off to the vet we went. $220 and several hours later, we know that she does not have pancreatitis or Addison’s disease. In fact, she is in perfect health!

This is her second bout of mysterious tummy upset in about a month though, so we’re being careful. She gets to eat nothing but rice and cottage cheese for several weeks, then we’ll start adding in her regular food and see how that goes. Morgan will be in heaven – she thinks rice and cottage cheese is the most delicious thing since cat poop.


03/16/2011. Tags: . Pets.

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  1. aech replied:

    I really like that the only categories you have so far are “food,” “pets,” and “Uncategorized.” I especially like that only one of those categories is capitalized.

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