This Floss is Superior to All Other Floss


Superior Floss

Dear Icy Mint Cleanpaste Floss,

The word “paste” really turns me off, so I had doubts straight away. But I had quinoa for dinner, so there wasn’t any way around it – flossing was a must.

You look pretty weird at first. Blue, and green, and kind of gunky. You are also fat. I imagined that my experience with you would be like forcing a piece of toothpaste-covered twine between my teeth.

But I was wrong! So wrong to have doubted, to have been grossed out. You are amazing, created by angel dentists to clean my teeth and taste like both mint and cinnamon. How is that possible?


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Morgan is not Diseased


What Morgan will be eating for several weeks

Morgan started barfing around 4am and kept at through the morning, so off to the vet we went. $220 and several hours later, we know that she does not have pancreatitis or Addison’s disease. In fact, she is in perfect health!

This is her second bout of mysterious tummy upset in about a month though, so we’re being careful. She gets to eat nothing but rice and cottage cheese for several weeks, then we’ll start adding in her regular food and see how that goes. Morgan will be in heaven – she thinks rice and cottage cheese is the most delicious thing since cat poop.

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Right Now

I am working on the final exam for my distance learning accounting course. The rest of my family is napping on the couch.

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Good & Bad

Good: apple mountain berry pie from Seattle Pie Company

Bad: poop stuck to my dog’s butt

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spiderman knitting

I started knitting a year or so go. God knows why – I think it was really because I wanted an excuse to buy yarn. Anne can probably verify that I begged to look at the yarn at Fred Meyer long before I ever knew how to knit. If you ever see me featured on the show Hoarders, it’s going to be because I finally succumbed to my obsession with buying – but not using – craft supplies. And office supplies. And possibly socks.

My grandmother tried to teach me how to crochet when I was a kid, but I never got the hang of it. It looked like the same thing was going to happen with knitting – no matter how hard I stared at the little instruction booklet (from Fred Meyer!) and tried to follow the pictures, knitting felt like the most awkward thing ever created by mankind.

korean maltagi

Image the guy in the green shirt launching himself onto the backs of the "horse."

Now that I’m thinking about it, the most awkward thing ever is probably the Korean game 말다기 (maltagi), which means “horse riding.” You could probably ask any foreigner who has taught in a Korean middle school about this game, and they will be able to tell you exactly when and where they were when they first saw it, with a look of barely suppressed horror on their face. Or, if they were in Korea for long enough, a nostalgic smile.

Anyway, knitting sucked until I discovered continental knitting. Thank you, internet! Once I put the yarn in my left hand, I turned into a knitting machine. So far I’ve done a bunch of scarves, two blankets for my niece Avery, some pattern swatches for future reference, and part of a jacket for myself. Not the most amazing pieces by any means, but a lot of fun to make.

I expected that knitting things for other people would be kind of embarrassing, but it’s turned out to be my favorite part of knitting. The only reason I have stopped at two blankets for the niece is because she lives in Texas. Anywhere colder, and she would probably have one for every month of the year.

At the risk of sounding corny, I think that knitting has helped to keep closer ties with our family, scattered as they are across the States. Knowing that Avery and my brothers have handmade pieces makes me feel like they’re not so far away. I’ve had more conversations with my grandma since I started knitting. And when my mother-in-law gave me her own mother’s copy of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns for Christmas last year, I came damn close to crying.

So while I’m enjoying a personal day off from work today, you can bet that while I’m working on my jacket, I’ll be thinking about what project I can tackle next for someone else.

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Egg on a Pancake

egg on a pancake

Better with scrambled eggs

This morning we went to breakfast with Anne’s godparents at the Portage Bay Cafe in Ballard. This is my favorite of the PB locations because even when packed the noise level isn’t too bad. Also, it is in Ballard, so bonus points for that.

We’ve been to Portage Bay a couple of times in the past few months, having brunch with different people. Each time, I’m faced with a terrible decision: egg on a pancake, or not egg on a pancake?

Egg on a pancake is a beautiful thing. One scrambled egg + one pancake = exactly the right balance between “now I don’t have to eat lunch” and “oh god, I’m never eating again.” Portage Bay is delicious, but their serving sizes are gross, even by American standards. The problem is that as much as I love egg on a pancake, items like eggs benedict on risotto cakes sometimes tempt me away. The last time I ate at PB, I had vegan banana pancakes with a chocolate hazelnut spread. Sounded great on the menu, tasted horrid in my mouth. The time before that, I went with plain french toast, and Anne’s food came out cold. Clearly, bad things happened if I strayed from egg on a pancake.

So today I ate egg on a pancake, and indeed, there were no breakfast-related mishaps. Anne’s godfather used the word “oriental” in reference to some fellow diners, but not even the power of egg on a pancake can counteract decades of social conditioning.

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