The Best Kind of Emergency

Sad puppy

"I don't feel good"

Morgan came into my life because I wanted a baby. Anne got sick of hearing me talk about human babies, so she got me a puppy. For reference, this plan to appease my hormones worked for about two years. Now I want a baby again, but that’s not what this story is about.


Morgan was a little fussy yesterday morning, but she settled down into her usual weekend routine of sleeping and being cute after a few minutes. This morning though, she was fussy and not interested in breakfast.

At this point you need to know that Morgan is an American Cocker Spaniel. She doesn’t pee uncontrollably when excited, but aside from that she is typical of the breed in every way – kind of dumb, super fluffy, prone to ear infections, and loves to eat. Lives to eat, really. So when it’s meal time and she doesn’t have her entire face, including her ears, in her food dish, we know that something is up.

Soon limping and whining were added to the list of symptoms. She was obviously uncomfortable, seemed to be favoring one of her legs, and kept stretching her back legs out. So Anne and I, being reasonable intelligent people, figured that she had hurt her leg. It’s Sunday, so off to the emergency vet we go.

Fortunately this is the first time we have needed to visit the emergency clinic since Morgan was born. We called them one time after Morgan ate two cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, but were advised that she would probably just throw up a lot and have nasty poop (she was totally fine, no vomiting, no soft poop, nada). The car ride over was not fun – Morgan kept trying to move around, but the entire backseat was packed with boxes of work documents that I need to shred. Nothing is sad like a crying furball trying to climb up and down a pile of cardboard boxes in a moving vehicle.

At the clinic, Morgan immediately went into OH A NEW PLACE IT’S SO EXCITING AND THERE ARE PEOPLE AND I AM A DOG AND THERE ARE SMELLS AND I NEED TO JUMP AROUND mode. She loves going to our regular vet’s office, and somehow the emergency clinic seemed even more interesting. I felt kind of dumb telling the receptionist that I thought my dog had a hurt leg when said dog was literally trying to climb up the wall and onto the counter.

Same story when we saw the vet tech. Same story when we eventually saw the vet – Morgan was going bonkers, there was obviously nothing wrong with her legs, and I was feeling stupider by the minute.When the vet told us that the problem was an upset stomach though, I still couldn’t believe it. One, because who would have thought that a dog would limp because of gas, and two, because Anne and I had canceled all of our plans for the day and rushed down to the emergency clinic and paid plenty of cash dollars for some simple indigestion.

Sure enough, Morgan pooped in the landscaping as soon as we exited the clinic. She got to eat some rice and cottage cheese, which seemed to be a mindblowing experience for her, and she produced some truly exceptional farts throughout the course of the day. And I continued to feel like an idiot.

But it really was the best kind of emergency that we could possibly have. I’m hoping that one trip to the emergency clinic is enough for one dog’s lifetime, and I’m thrilled that it turned out to be so anti-climatic.


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One Comment

  1. Jan replied:

    So glad Morgan is okay. Anti-climatic feelings are good, which is how we felt when Maisie was found the other day after running free.

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